About us

Find out about the iLoans ethos, and how we have established ourselves as one of the UKs premier credit brokers.

About us

Find out about the iLoans ethos, and how we have established ourselves as one of the UK's premier credit brokers.

About us

iLoans is a trading name of Money Gap Limited.

Since 2008 we have been a credit broker and lead provider to many of the UK leading short-term loan lenders.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best loan matching service in the UK. Since our formation, we have worked closely with nearly all of the UK's short-term lenders. We also now cover longer-term loans of up to £5000. We're committed to giving our customers the help and support they need.

Central to our Money Gap company ethos is to always keep the customer in mind. Our Treating Our Customers Fairly policy ensures we strive to help customers in the best possible way. Our strict ethical code of conduct ensures this. We are also fully compliant with FCA requirements, as well as the new GDPR laws. We take pride in the fact that we always treat our customers fairly.


Our Ethos

With our vast knowledge in the market, we launched iLoans to be a leading name in the longer-term loans sector. We provide our customers with loans lasting up to 36 months.

During our many years of experience, we have created a culture that is professional, dedicated, and responsible. We respond to the needs of the market and ensure that we always act ethically in doing so. We aim to provide an efficient means for our customers to meet their needs. The evidence of our success can be seen in our numbers.

We process 30,000 loan applications each month. Since 2008, we Money Gap have served over 3 million UK customers. Throughout each application process, we ensure to maintain full compliance with FCA, GDPR, and ICO requirements. We regularly perform internal audits and checks and make sure to carry out due diligence for all of our partners. Through this, we can ensure our customers are only connected with trusted lenders in a safe and secure manner.

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint or issue you want to discuss with us, you can contact us directly. We will endeavour to give an appropriate response as quickly as possible.

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